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We are a diverse legal team with years of courtroom experience, both state and federal. We are experienced in the preparation and presentation of a wide variety of cases, and we handle all appeals. We’re also a law firm with a distinct personality. We keep a positive, upbeat, and relaxed perspective while remaining passionate about the law and driven to explore every angle of a legal position. We truly love what we do, so going the extra mile for our clients comes naturally.

Our practice is unique in that it is both a civil and criminal practice. It is, however, based on our ability to create a positive connection with jurors whether they are hearing a civil or criminal case. Although our practice has increasingly been devoted to criminal cases, we have steadfastly continued to represent people in civil cases because we believe in and enjoy the work. For the last several years, our practice has been comprised of approximately 80 percent criminal defense and 20 percent civil litigation representation. We love the variety and believe that the eclectic nature of our trial practice actually reinforces our ability to be of help to a broad cross-section of individuals and companies.


30 Years Of Experience

Handled high-profile media cases and maintains a broad network of resources that can be utilized in complex cases.

Board Certified Specialist in criminal law in Houston, Texas

Designation that less than 5 percent of lawyers in the state have.

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Federal Crimes

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Criminal Appeals/Post Conviction

Commercial Litigation

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